Equitable Quality Education for All

My Journey: Achieving through different paths will replace the current secondary school model with personalised, relevant and quality education for all students. In other words it will be structured for students’ needs ... and not the other way round.

How will it work?

Alongside their compulsory core subjects, My Journey: Achieving through different paths will allow secondary school students to blend relevant and quality academic, applied and vocational subjects, in a personalised and inclusive learning environment enabling them to reach their full potential.

Under the proposed new education system, students will still be able to follow the traditional academic path. This will not be abolished but added to it. But they’ll also be able to choose applied and vocational learning programmes as optional subjects. ...all under one roof.

What’s more, My Journey: Achieving through different paths, will give equal value to academic applied, and vocational learning programmes.

So students will be able to sit for different forms of learning and assessments, have the opportunity to reach the same level of qualifications and be equally employable regardless of the blends of options they’ll choose to study.

It’s time to improve on what we have, and try to build an education where children enjoy going to school everyday.