My Journey… Achieving Through Different Paths

My Journey… Achieving Through Different Paths

The 77 workshops that will open up secondary education

Preparations for the widespread introduction of vocational and applied pathways in secondary schooling are underway, with works on the construction of 77 workshops in state secondary schools are fast reaching completion.

My Journey, the educational reform which will see vocational and applied subjects available to secondary school students, will open up secondary schooling beyond the traditional academic subjects.

What this means is that students who have different kinds of abilities and who enjoy working hands on will have more access to learning subjects that match their technical skills. Vocational education is already present in small doses in secondary schooling, and the results have already shown that students, which might have otherwise been disillusioned by the academic aspect of schooling, are more engaged.

Works on a number of laboratories, workshops and other innovative learning spaces have started last year and are now almost completed.

As from scholastic year 2019/20 all secondary schools will:

  • Continue offering academic subjects;
  • Increase vocational subjects already being offered;
  • Introduce the provision of applied subjects

The 3 Pathways


Accounts/Business Studies
Design & Technology
Graphical Communications
Home Economics
Social Studies
2nd Foreign Language
European Studies
Computer Studies
Physical Education (PE)