September 3

Colloquium on The Journey in Vocational and Professional Education and Training

A morning seminar organized by MCAST for MEDE and MCAST Senior Management to discuss and celebrate a good number of achievements and breakthroughs while acknowledging the challenges and opportunities education is facing for all the students to succeed.

April 7

Malta: My Journey Achieving Through Different Paths

On the 23 November 2016 the Ministry for Education and Employment in Malta launched new secondary education reforms. The reforms are titled My Journey: Achieving through different paths. In line with the UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goal number 4, the reforms will replace the current secondary school model and ‘will see the educational sector move from a […]

February 27

Spotlight on Vocational Education and Training in Malta

The 2014-24 education strategy in Malta highlights the role of vocational education and training (VET) in increasing effectiveness and quality and in fostering inclusion and progression. Stakeholders strongly support VET. The Chamber for Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, the Malta Employers’ Association and the unions are involved and sit on the boards of state VET providers. […]

February 17

Diskussjonijiet Intensivi Dwar ‘My Journey’

Programm li se jidħol fis-sistema edukattiva mill-elfejn u dsatax u se jagħti opportunità lill-istudenti li jekk is-sistema akkademika mhiex daqsekk għal qalbhom jitħarġu f’suġġetti vokazzjonali u applikati.    

November 30

A fish and a monkey enter a classroom

The classroom is full of different animals, fish and monkeys, but also squirrels, penguins, birds, dogs, cats and sheep. It’s a nice mix. The teacher comes into the classroom and tells them that there will be an exam today. He opens the window and points towards a tree. The test consists of climbing that tree. […]

November 29

Education is an end in itself

“We must have the courage to have an educational system that is there for the children’s future. We are preparing students for exams, but not for life or work.” These words were uttered by Education Minister Evarist Bartolo last month, addressing the parliamentary committee on the 2017 general budgetary estimates for the Ministry for Education […]