Choice of Subjects

Choice of Subjects

All students will be given a booklet on which to indicate their option choice.  The booklet will contain a detailed explanation of:

  • All academic subjects that will be offered in all schools;
  • Vocational and Applied subjects offered in a secondary school according to availability of workshops.  However all Vocational and Applied subjects will be offered to all students through the grouping of colleges into clusters.

Pathway 1: SEC (Secondary Education Certificate) and Vocational Routes

The SEC Route presents all the Secondary Education Certificate (SEC) academic and vocational subjects together with a number of new SEC Vocational subjects.  These subjects are certified by MATSEC. Therefore, learners who have decided to follow the Academic Route or the Vocational Route at post-secondary level will retain the possibility of choosing both Academic and Vocational option subjects. Learners may further their studies at Junior College, MCAST, Higher Secondary, ITS and other institutions according to entry requirements.

Pathway 2:  SEAC (Secondary Education Applied Certificate)

SEAC Route presents new Applied subjects under the new Secondary Education Applied Certificate (SEAC) which will also be certified by MATSEC. This is a route for learners who are clearly set on furthering their studies at post secondary level specifically at MCAST and ITS. Learners would also benefit by linking the core subjects to an applied and relevant context. Students will be able to achieve up to MQF Level 3 in both applied option and applied core subjects.

Pathway 3:  SEAC/SEC Route

SEAC/SEC Route wallows he possibility of choosing from a selection of SEC subjects and from the SEAC subjects.  The introduction of this pathway offers the possibility of flexibility to the system. A student may choose some combinations from the SEC and SEAC routes according to the possibilities offered by each College.