The Ministry for Education and Employment is proposing a more equitable quality secondary education which creates a legacy with the past, adapts to the present and tries to anticipate future challenges and opportunities in a globalised world. Education and training risks become irrelevant if tangible links with life beyond the school walls, remain sporadic and superficial. The intended inclusive and comprehensive equitable quality learning programmes for the compulsory secondary schooling structure is driven both by the values of inclusion, social justice, equity and diversity, and the four main targets of the Framework for the Education Strategy for Malta 2014-2024.

This evolved education system is also inspired by the philosophy of values based education promulgated in the Respect for All 2 document and guided by the Education for All audit report. It is very much in line with the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goal 4 in ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Equitable Quality Education for All - Consultation Document